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Never lose another file.

Put an end to wasted time.

Say good-bye to headaches.

We understand your need for accuracy, reliability and simplicity. We have user-friendly solutions to help you manage and control each and every document inside your offices and offsite. Our Electronic Document Management (EDM) Software was developed with a significant depth of knowledge in all forms of document management with over 400 customers worldwide and across different industries such as legal, accounting, banking, government and insurance. Our customer-centric business philosophy inspires our dedicated commitment to ensuring your success.

Whether you have already moved to high-tech document management or are preparing to make the leap, File & Records Management is your best source for software solutions that provide you with direct access to simplify and enhance the way you do business, while also giving you total control over all your information.

Our EDC Client Software is a complete Electronic Document Solution for managing all corporate information from creation through to ultimate destruction or preservation. EDC Client Software is a unique, interactive and highly scalable records management solution, enabling you to identify, track, store, retrieve and manage documents located onsite and offsite.

We make high-tech easy, cost-effective and practical. We keep it simple, and we would be delighted to show you a low cost and low risk technology solution suited to your budget and requirements. Contact File & Records Management today!

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