Retention Scheduling

Reduce Liabilities- Control your Record Life-Cycle

Records and information managers should be aware that records destruction is the last link in the chain sometimes referred to as the information lifecycle. Disposition of records materials are an important means of reducing cost, defending against risk, and preserving the security and privacy of information. Through the implementation of and effective adherence to a system-wide record retention schedule, records and information managers can do their part to protect corporate information assets and minimize risks to the organization.

Upon client request, File & Records Management can provide a retention scheduling strategy designed to reduce the volume of business records in off-site storage over time. Service includes research of federal and state laws and regulations, as well as industry best business practice guidelines for each record series. The approach applies traditional records retention methodology in a non-traditional manner by focusing first on the highest volume record series and using a top down method to develop strategies that meet corporate legal, financial and work process requirements (typically over a 60-month timeline). Contact File & Records Management today to schedule a Retention Scheduling Service Consultation. We look forward to meeting with you.

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