Records Management

What is Records Management?

Records Management is a service provided by a Commercial Records Center (CRC). The Records Center becomes the custodian of your semi-active and inactive business records and at a minimum provides indexing, storage, retrieval and re-file of your hard-copy documents. Records Management insures that an organization can find a file when they need it in a cost effective manner. Other potential services include pick-up, delivery, and imaging, access to your hard-copy inventory via the internet, fax-on-demand and scan-on-demand.

Why Use Records Management?

Records Management ensures that an organization can find a file they need, at a moments notice, securely, in a cost effective manner.

Storing and handling semi-active and inactive boxes and files with a Commercial Records Center is typically much less expensive than storing and handling these items on-site within an organization.

Records gain integrity by management, control and segregation from access from the normal course of business of an organization. Access to your business records is password controlled and has a recorded history.

Anyone can store boxes and files. File and Records Management provides a secure, affordable, flexible service that will save you time and money. We become an extension of your staff, part of your team, a partner in reducing your operating cost and improving your core business efficiencies.

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