Vault Storage

Put Your Valuables in a Safer Place at a Lower Cost than Your Bank

File & Records Management's Vault Storage is perfect for businesses or individuals who want an extra layer of protection for their most precious items. From single video tapes up to large boxes and paintings, our steel reinforced concrete vault can handle it all.

Your most precious items and critical records must be handled and stored with the utmost care and confidentiality. Our discreetly located, highly secure, environmentally controlled vault is the solution. The environment in our vault is maintained well within ANSI standards and is protected by video surveillance and monitored fire and burglar alarms.

How it Works:

  1. Sign the Vault Storage Agreement
  2. If needed buy Vault Container & Padlock
  3. Put your items in your Vault Container
  4. Lock and Seal your Vault Container
  5. Container is placed in High Security Vault
  6. Call ahead for Vault Container Retrieval

Vault Rates start @ $3 per Month or $29 per Year

Don't risk losing your vital media, critical documents and precious keep sakes any longer. Contact File & Records Management about your vaulting needs and remove these risks today!

Call today for your NO COST, NO RISK Information Management Assessment.
vault storage