Risks of Not Shredding

Avoid Legal, Financial and Reputational Damage

You’ve worked hard to build a successful organization. It would be tragic to have a legal battle with the I.R.S. or to lose everything due to mishandling of your employee’s, patient’s or client’s information. File & Records Management can easily remove these liabilities from your business with our Certified Document Shredding Service.

Once documents are no longer needed, they may represent exposure to significant liability if not destroyed properly. Document shredding is no longer just the simple disposal of everyday documents. It is an invaluable service that deals with the secure destruction of all the personal, sensitive, confidential, and proprietary information your organization has gathered.

Were someone to come into possession of your clients or your important documents, not only could they use them for their own commercial interests, but you could be legally liable for the failure to protect the privacy of your clients. This could result in damaging lawsuits since the Supreme Court has ruled that any information found in your trash is “fair game,” whether the people using that information are solicitors or even corporate competitors.

Your confidential – and potentially damaging – documents may include the following:

  • account records/ledgers
  • bank statements
  • cancelled or blank checks
  • computer print outs
  • contracts
  • credit cards
  • financial records
  • inventory lists
  • internal memos
  • lottery tickets
  • medical records
  • outdated business records
  • personnel files
  • R&D reports
  • advertising misprints
  • bids & quotations
  • classified documents
  • confidential correspondence
  • corporate filings
  • estimates
  • ID cards
  • invoices
  • legal documents
  • maps and blueprints
  • meeting minutes
  • payroll records
  • proprietary materials

Don’t become a victim to corporate espionage or identity theft. Onsite shredding through File & Records Management, with a Certificate of Destruction, means you can rest assured that your client’s, employees’ and company’s information is safely and legally handled and your profits and good name are completely protected. Contact File & Records Management today to schedule a No Cost, No Risk Destruction Service Consultation.

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